29 Feb 2012

Careers in Engineering

 Careers in Engineering
In engineering field, the theories and principles of science and mathematics is applied in research to develop economical solutions to technical problems. Engineering
mostly deals with designing of products, manufacturing or production of machinery to make products, plants in which those products are made. In engineering,
emphasis is given on developing and implementing the procedures in such way to improve quality of products.
Engineering is a very vast branch. It is the second largest job providing field in the world next to education field. There are numerous career options which are available
in the engineering field. Today's development and modern world has been credited to the science and technology. The engineering field has contributed in large extentin this development.
Engineering is such a field which opens doors of various job opportunities. Mostly engineers are having a wider choice of work environment, job profile when
compared with other profession. Now days engineering is not confined to the obvious spheres of mechanical, chemical and electrical. Instead, scope of engineering is
increased such as thermal engineering, ultrasonic, vacuum technology, polymer engineering, telecommunication engineering, computers engineering, and many others.
Disciplines in Engineering

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