30 Apr 2012

Foodgrain Production in 2011-12 Estimated at 252.56 Million Tonnes

23-April-2012,Agriculture and Food Processing Industries Minister, Shri Sharad Pawar today released the third advance estimates of crop production for 2011-12.

As per the latest estimates, foodgrain production is estimated to be 252.56 million tonnes  during 2011-12 compared to 244.78 million tonnes in the previous year.
 Total production of rice is estimated at 103.41 million tonnes, which is an all time record.  Production of wheat, estimated at 90.23 million tonnes, is also a new record.
As a result of significant increase in production of rice and wheat, the record foodgrain production of 252.56 million tonnes is higher by 7.56 million tonnes than the target of 245.00 million tonnes fixed for the year. The estimated production of foodgrains for the year is also higher by 7.78 million tonnes as compared to earlier record foodgrains production of 244.78 million tonnes achieved during 2010-11.  Production of pulses and oilseeds is estimated at 17.02 million tonnes and 30.06 million tonnes respectively.
Cotton production, estimated at 35.20 million bales  (170 kg each), is also a new record.
The estimated production of sugarcane stands at 351.19 milllion tonnes which is higher by 8.81 million tonnes as compared to 2010-11.
The production estimates for major crops for 2011-12 are as follows:
Foodgrains  –  252.56 million tonnes:  highest ever

Rice  –  103.41  million tonnes (record)
Wheat  –  90.23  million tonnes: highest ever
Coarse Cereals  –  41.91 million tonnes
Maize  –  21.33 million tonnes
Pulses  –  17.02 million tonnes
Tur  –  2.71 million tonnes
Gram  – 7.40 million tonnes
Urad  –  1.81 million tonnes (record)
Moong  –  1.57 million tonnes

Oilseeds  –  30.06 million tonnes
Soyabean  –  12.24 million tonnes
Groundnut  –  6.95 million tonnes
Rapeseed & Mustard – 6.96 million tonnes

Cotton  –  35.20 million bales  (170 kg each) (record)

Sugarcane – 351.19 million tonnes

 MP:SB:CP: 3rd advance estimates (23.4.2012)

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