21 Apr 2012

Ministry of Minority Affairs Distributes over 7 Lakh Post-Matric Scholarships during 2011-12

Girls have again outnumbered the boys in getting scholarships under the Post-matric Scholarship Scheme of the Ministry of Minority Affairs. As per the final figures for the last Financial Year 2011-12 (ending 31.3.2012), the Ministry provided 7,01,950 Post-matric Scholarships; out of which 3,75,446 (53.49 %) scholarships have gone to girl students! As per the general guidelines for the said Scheme, 30% Scholarships are reserved for the girl students. Thus, once again girls have not only outshined boys in getting these scholarships: last year the % of girl students getting these scholarships was 51%; but further improved upon their lead. Also, the Ministry has again been able to far exceed its target (by 1,76,950) : as the target fixed for 2011-12 was 5.25 lakh Post-matric Scholarships. During 2010-11 also the Ministry of Minority Affairs had exceeded its target by 1.25 lakh : as it had provided 5.25 lakh Post-matric Scholarships against a target of 4 lakh. 

Post-matric Scholarships of the Ministry of Minority Affairs are provided to students belonging to the Minority communities for studies from class XI up to Ph.D. level. The Scheme was launched in the year 2007-08 and a cumulative total of 18.09 lakh scholarships have been awarded till 31st March 2012. 

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