20 Apr 2012

ndhra Pradesh Plan for 2012-13 Finalized

( PIB )
The Annual Plan for the year 2012-13 for the state of Andhra Pradesh was finalised here today at a meeting between Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Mr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia and Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy. The plan size has been agreed at Rs. 48,935 crore. 

Mr Ahluwalia complemented the State Government for efforts to make development truly inclusive and also for the efforts aimed at promoting public private partnership in the development of both social and physical infrastructure. He said better involvement of private sector would be needed during 12th plan period as State funds would not be enough to meet the needs of infrastructure development. He said the State Governments should come forward with the suggestions that can improve efficiency of flagship schemes and commission would consider them while finalizing plan document. 

While appreciating efforts aimed at human development, attention was drawn to the slowing down of growth rate and it was pointed out that during 2010-11 the State witnessed a growth rate of 8.92% which declined to 5.81 during 2011-12. The per capita income in the State has increased from Rs. 25,321 in 2004-05 to 42,710 in 2011-12. The corresponding figure for All-India is Rs. 24,143 to Rs. 38,005 respectively in the same period. However, achievements in agriculture and allied sectors were appreciated. Mr Ahluwalia also complemented the State Government for initiatives aimed at creating necessary infrastructure for minorities. 

It was also pointed out that the share of the Primary Sector has fallen over the years while that of tertiary sector has been continuously increasing. In percentage terms the agriculture and allied sector has declined from 25.07% in 2004-05 to 19.22% in 2011-12. The share of secondary sector remains around 24 to 26 per cent from 2004-05 to 2011-12.The State Government was advised to take necessary steps to further enhance coverage of beneficiaries from the minority community as per guideline for the SGSY scheme. Attention was also drawn to the decline in credit disbursement which was still better than the national average. 

Briefing the Commission on the development strategy of the state, the Chief Minister said priority has been given to irrigation will get of 30.60% of outlay. Next in priority are Rural Development and welfare of SCs, STs and Minorities with each being allocated 10.54% of plan- funds. He said the Government has given Special incentives to the Large & Medium Scale Industries. An Industrial Promotion Fund with adequate provision will be created for the purpose. He said poverty eradication was satisfactory. During last decade around nine per cent population have crossed poverty line. In rural areas the poverty line has come down to 22.8 per cent from 32.3 per cent in 2004-05 During the same period the urban poverty number has come down to 17.7 from 23.4. 

To improve the performance of existing industries and to make them globally competitive, a new programme “Nurturing Entrepreneurship” is proposed to be launched. The programme involves identifying industries with potential to attain global leadership and nurturing these industries to make them globally competitive. 

He said the State would target a growth rate of ten per cent during 12th plan. It would broad-base growth involving all sectors and all sections of people. Facilitate and enhance the ability of all sections of society to contribute to the development process and thereby benefit from growth. 

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