20 Apr 2012

TRAI Releases Recommendations on “Exit Policy for Various Telecom Licences”

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) today issued its recommendations on “Exit Policy for various telecom licences”. 

In response to Department of Telecommunications’ (DoT) request to TRAI in October and December last year for recommendations on exit policy for all types of telecom licences, TRAI had issued a pre-consultation paper on ‘Exit Policy for various telecom licences’ on 6th January 2012. 

On 2nd Feb, 2012, the Supreme Court had ordered cancellation of UAS licenses given on and after 10th January,2008. In view of the judgment, comments of the stakeholders on pre-consultation paper, and its own analysis, the Authority issued a ‘draft’ response paper on Exit Policy for various telecom licences’ on 26th March 2012. 

Based on analysis of the comments received from stakeholders on the draft response paper and its own analysis, the Authority has finalised the following recommendations : 

a) Presently there is no need for a separate Exit Policy for all types of licences and the entry fee paid by the licensees will continue to be non-refundable as per their license terms and conditions. 

b) Present conditions in various licences with regard to their surrender ( licensee can surrender its licence by giving atleast 60 days notice , 30 days in case of ISP license) shall continue to be applicable. 

The detailed recommendations are available on TRAI’s website www.trai.gov.in. 

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