12 May 2012

All India capacity of the transmission lines including High Voltage Direct Current

The all India capacity of the transmission lines including High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) at the end of XI Plan is 2,68,693 ckm. The voltage-wise details are given below:-

Capacity of Transmission Lines (In ckm)

As on 31.3.2012

Capacity at the end of XI Plan

All India excluding HVDC


All India including HVDC

Transmission lines are planned and implemented as a part of the evacuation system from Inter-State Generation Stations (ISGS) and also as system strengthening projects. These lines are mainly used for delivery of shares from ISGS to their beneficiaries. These lines are also used for transfer of power from surplus States to deficit states subject to availability of margins in these lines.

            The total inter-regional transmission capacity (at the end of 11th Plan) is 27750 MW and the same between Western Region-Northern Region (WR-NR) is 4220 MW, Western Region-Eastern Region (WR-ER) is 4390 MW and Western Region-Southern Region (WR-SR) is 1520 MW. Transfer capacity for transferring power from one region to other region depends upon the prevailing operating conditions of the grid.  Feasibility of transfer of surplus power from Gujarat to deficit states through inter-regional links, would depend on Available Transfer Capacity as determined by Western Regional Load Despatch Centre/National Load Despatch Centre (WRLDC/NLDC).

            Development of National Grid for optimum utilization of available power is a continuous process.  Inter-regional transmission links aggregating 38,400 MW have been planned to be added by the end of 12th Plan. 

            The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) had notified CERC Power System Development Fund (PSDF) Regulations, 2010 on 4th June, 2010.  As regards operationalization of PSDF, CERC has been requested “to evolve a system for depositing the congestion charges/revenue and other charges levied under the PSDF and other regulations of CERC into a separate and exclusive Public Account to be maintained by NLDC consistent with the definition of ‘Pubic Money’ and subject them to the accounting/audit procedures as per the established norms.  However, to ensure that the PSDF can be utilized for the purposes identified by the CERC in PSDF Regulations 2010 with certain modifications, if required, may be notified with the approval of the Ministry of Finance, before codifying the procedure”.

This information was given by the Minister of State for Power Shri K.C.Venugopal  in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.

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