12 May 2012

Domestic requirement of petroleum met from indigeous sources and 76 % from Imports

24% of domestic requirement of petroleum met from indigeous sources and 76 % from Imports
The Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas Shri R.P.N. Singh informed the Lok  Sabha in written reply today that approximately 24% of total petroleum requirements has been indigenously produced in the country during 2011-12 and 76% of total petroleum requirement has been met through imports.

            Replying to a query about discovery of oil & gas, Shri Singh informed that under Production Sharing Contract (PSC) regime, so far 149 hydrocarbon discoveries have been made; out of which 65 are oil discoveries. The location of these 65 discoveries is as under:

Number of oil discoveries
Eastern Offshore
Western Offshore
Andhra Pradesh

He added that the commercial production of crude oil has already commenced from 11 discoveries (4 each in Rajasthan & Gujarat, 2 in Western Offshore and one in Eastern Offshore). Other discoveries are under various stages of evaluation, appraisal, Commerciality and development. The estimated time of commencement of commercial oil production from other discoveries will be known after the approval of Field Development Plans by the Managing Committees.  

            The Minister further informed that in so far as, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) is concerned, during last five year (2007-12) ONGC has made 49 on-land discoveries of oil/oil & gas which are located in the States of Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu and 16 discoveries have been made in offshore basins i.e. 8 each in East Coast and West Coast. The production from 45 on-land discoveries has already commenced. Remaining 4 on-land discoveries will also be put on production at the earliest after implementation of planned stimulation/activation and creation of necessary infrastructure. In regard to production from 16 offshore discoveries, efforts for bringing them on production at the earliest are being made using cluster/integrated development concept and appropriate technology to make them commercially viable.

As far as Oil India Ltd. (OIL) is concerned, Shri Singh said, it has made 21 oil & gas discoveries in the state of Assam during last three years. OIL is taking action for immediate production of the new finds through Well head set-ups, Early production set-ups and established pipeline connecting with oil collecting stations. 

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