29 May 2012

Modification of Rules Regarding Entry of Army Units Incapital Region

The routine operational moves of the Army units regarding entry into the capital region of the country including those meant for Aid to Civil Authority or for Disaster relief are regulated by overall operational policy and exigencies of requirement. The training moves are based on training schedule prepared in advance by AHQ. No specific amendment in the Rules/policy related to entry of Army units in the Capital region of the country has been made in response to events in 1984 including operation Bluestar. 

The Army Units including those posted outside the National Capital Region (NCR) are nominated for participation in Republic Day Parade. The nominated Army Units/contingents enter Capital Region during Republic Day preparations. 

This information was given by Minister of Defence Shri AK Antony in a written reply to Shri PrabhatJha and ShrimatiKusumRaiin Rajya Sabha today. 

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