3 May 2012

RFP for Selction of Agency for Auction of Spectrum in 22 Telecom Service Areas

The Department of  Telecom (Ministry of Communications and IT) today issued a Notice for Request For Proposal (RFP) for Selection of  Agency  for e-auction of spectrum in 22 telecom service areas in India
       As per the calendar drawn up the actioneer would be finalized on 20th June,     2012.
            The important dates for this RFP are as under: 
Sl. No.
Last Date for queries by prospective bidders

Pre-bid Conference
11.00 hrs on 22.5.2012

      Submission of bid containing the covering letter, eligibility details, technical and financial offer
14.30 hrs on 11.06.2012

Opening of covering letter
15.00 hrs on 11.06.2012

Declaration of eligible bidders

    Presentation by the eligible bidders and opening of technical bids
10.30 hrs onwards on 15.06.2012

Finalisation and declaration of technically qualified bidders

   Opening of Financial bids of technically qualified bidders

Finalisation of auctioneer

            The major eligibility criteria for selection of agency is as under:-
            The bidder is defined as a company registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956, or a foreign company incorporated in a country outside India or a joint venture of such companies or a consortium of such companies.
            The bidder shall pay a non-refundable application fee of Rs 50,000/- in the form of Demand Draft drawn on any Scheduled Bank payable at Delhi in favourof “Pay and Accounts Officer, DOT (HQ)”, New Delhi.      
    The bidder shall not have any equity directly in any telecom or internet service provider in India. Similarly, any telecom or internet service provider in India shall not have any direct equity in the bidder.
          The bidder shall have a minimum paid up capital of Rs.2.5 crores or equivalent on the date of application.            The bidder and its substantial equity holders in the bidder company (or the lead partner in case of consortium) shall have a combined net worth of at least Rs.10 crores or equivalent.  The substantial equity holders shall be those who have at least 10% or more equity stake in the total equity of the bidder company.  The information should be duly authenticated under the law. 
The bidder having conducted simultaneous, controlled, ascending e-auctions of spectrum or telecom licenses in the last five (5) years may be given preference. 
The detailed RFP document is also available at DoT Website www.dot.gov.infor downloading by all concerned and interested parties.

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