12 Jun 2012

Environment conservation was possible only through a consorted effort:CM Uttarakhand

Chief Minister in his message issued on the occasion of World Environment Day said that the environment conservation was possible only through a consorted effort by all.
Mr. Bahuguna said that the State Government was serious about environment conservation and called on the people to contribute in environment conservation.  He pointed out that unscientific exploitation of natural resources has led to the degradation of environment around the entire world. He said that one could make significant contribution towards conservation of environment by keeping in mind small things. Mr. Bahuguna said that the natural resources ought to be utilized maintaining balance between development and environment.
Chief Minister Bahuguna said that Uttarakhand had important role in the safety of environment. Expressing his concern over forest fire that took place every year in the state, he asserted that government, local public representatives and NGOs should come together to save forest. He also laid emphasis on keeping rivers pollution free.

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