10 Jul 2012

Approval for Special Plan Assistance for Bodwad Parishar Sinchan Yojana of Maharashtra

The Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure has approved the Special Assistance to Bodwad Parisar Sinchan Yojana of Maharashtra in the form of a one time Grant of Rs.500 crore. 

Considering the backwardness of the Vidarbha region and the water scarcity in Jalgaon district, this additional assistance in the shape of one time Grant would assist the Government of Maharashtra to impart sufficient momentum to this project for speedy execution. 

The project was approved by Planning Commission in May, 2011 with the estimated cost at Rs.2178.67 crore (2009-10 price level). It is likely to be completed in the financial year 2015-16. 

The Bodwad Parisar Sinchan Yojna which is situated in the Jalgaon district Maharashtra envisages lifting of 198.54 Mcum (7.01 TMC) water from Hatnur reservoir and conveying the water to two storage reservoirs namely Junone & Jamthi dams. The water from Junone dam and Jamthi dam will provide annual irrigation of 53,449 hectare (Net irrigated Area of 42420 ha.) in Jalgaon and Buldhana districts of Maharashtra. 

The Jalgaon district is included in the category of Drought Prone Area (DPAP), while the Buldana district is in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. 

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