14 Jul 2012

I&B Ministry Opens a Facebook Page on ‘Community Radio India’

In a bid to establish a direct communication between the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and various stakeholders of Community Radio fraternity in the country, the ministry has launched a dedicated page on facebook- ‘Community Radio India’. This page can be accessed from www.facebook.com/communityradioindia .

The objective of the page is to disseminate community radio information to a wider public and engage with over 134 operating community radio stations of the country and other stakeholders. The page will update the stakeholders on status of licences, screening committee meetings, permission agreements, clearances for new community radio station, consultations and events. This platform would also enable community radio stations to share information about their radio programmes, upcoming events, success stories, photographs and their challenges. 

‘Community Radio India’ page also aims to encourage new and aspiring stakeholders of community radio by regularly updating them on CR policy, guidelines and by answering their queries. The information shared through ‘Wall’ posts will not only be helpful for them but would also inform individuals interested in community radio. 

The Facebook page on community radio not only portrays the vibrant history of community radio movement in the country using ‘Timeline’ feature but also hosts key documents related to policies. The page also carries frequently asked questions (FAQs), relevant documents and photo albums of key events. The ‘Wall’ on facebook page would facilitate discussions while enabling a participatory communication channel on issues pertaining to community radio stations. 

The scheme has been identified as a core intervention during the XII Five Year Plan and it is expected that the Plan period would see a quantum jump in the number of Community Radio Stations set up in the country

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