8 Jul 2012

Nanda Rajjat Yatra scheduled to be organized from 29 August 2013 to 16 September 2013.

Tourism Department has identified 25 Padavs (Halts) including 19 traditional padavs for forthcoming Nanda Rajjat Yatra scheduled to be organized from 29 August 2013 to 16 September 2013.
District Magistrate SA Murugeshan, during a review meeting held on Monday at District Collectorate, appointed Padav Officers and Nodal Officers. These Officials are generally from the places nearby to the respective Padavs.
District Magistrate Murugeshan has directed these Padav Officers and nodal Officers to reach to their respective halts in a week time, constitute Local Yatra Management Committees and take requisite feedbacks for the preparation of the Rajjat Yatra. He asked them to collect information about all facilities including shelters, toilet, roads, electricity, water, communication system and medical of their respective places and they could put forward proposal for any new facilities found necessary in the Padav to the Government for final decision. Mr. Murugeshan maintained that representation to all the sections of the society related to the Yatra would be given in the Local Management Committee. He said that in the places of high altitudes with less population, a respective District Forest Officer would be made Nodal Officer. Stating that the Rajjat Yatra would be the first one after inception of Uttarakhand, he said that more people including foreign tourists and media were expected to take part as compared to the previous one. He instructed to hold regular meetings of SDMs, Padav Officer and other concerned departments. He said that special attention had to be given to the places like Nauty, Vann and Nandkeshari padavs where more pilgrims were expected to congregate. He stressed that homework by Padav Officers and Nodal Officers would be very important in the success of the Yatra as they would also be the face of the Adminsitration. He said that preparation would be complete only with the availability of tents, mobile medical vans, pharmacists, medicines and oxygen cylinders in the padavs.
The meeting was attended by CDO Suryamohan Nautiyal, CMO Dr. AK Singh, SDMS, Padav Officers and Nodal Officers.

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