23 Jul 2012

Production & Availability of Fertilizers in the Country During May 2012

In May, 2012 production of Urea was 18.13 lakh MT against the target of 16.70 lakh MT. Production of Urea had been more than the target by 1.43 lakh MT. Estimated production of DAP during the month was 1.88 lakh MT as against the target of 3.99 lakh MT. 

During May 2012, approximately 19.77 lakh MT (both indigenous and imported) urea was dispatched to various States. Availability of urea during the month of May 2012 was about 26.30 lakh MT and availability was satisfactory in all the States. Further, sale of Urea in the current season up to 31.5.2012 was about 20.87 lakh MT which is higher by 5.08% as compared to the sale of 19.86 lakh MT in the corresponding period of the previous year. 

As regards decontrolled fertilizers, availability of DAP and MOP during the month of May 2012 had been about 11.13 lakh MT and 2.49 lakh MT respectively, which was adequate to meet the demand of the States. 

During the month of May 2012, 1.71 lakh MT of urea was imported, out of which 1.44 lakh MT of Urea was from OMIFCO, Oman and 0.27 lakh MT from others. In addition, 3.11 lakh MT of DAP, 0.53 lakh MT of NPK and 2.25 lakh MT of MOP was also imported into the country. 

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