8 Jul 2012

Uttarakhand was spending Rs. 40,000 crore in the service of forest and environment.

 Chief Secretary Alok Kumar Jain said that owing to protest against Hydro-power projects in Uttarakhand, 2400 MW hydro-power projects had been affected in the State though clearance had been obtained for these projects. He said that Uttarakhand was spending Rs. 40,000 crore in the service of forest and environment. He said that as Uttarakhand came under Special State category it should be provided fund on 90:10 ratio like North-East states.
Chief Secretary Jain speaking in the Rap-up meeting of Annual Planning 2012-13 in front of Central Planning Commission at Yojna Bhawan in New Delhi on Tuesday said that during Industrial Package period the industrial growth in Uttarakhand was 18 per cent which has reduced to just 9 percent now. He advocated reconsidering industrial package for Uttarakhand. Mr. Jain maintained that Uttarakhand had water resources in abundance which could be the main source of revenue. He said that despite all possible measures taken by the State Government to maintain the flow of River Ganga, several Hydro-power projects were stalled which has adversely affected the state
 Mr. Jain speaking on the Nanda Devi Rajjat Yatra apprised about the preparation that had to be done by the State Government for this 280 km long Yatra which run for 22 days. He said that it was like a Kumbh that take place every 12 years and travel through difficult areas. He urged the Centre to allocate special package for this Yatra scheduled to take place in the months of August and September in 2013. Mr. Jain said that Uttarakhand shared 625 km international border with China and Nepal and the 2011 Census had revealed that owing to non availability of basic facilities migration in large number had taken place in border areas. Describing these areas strategically sensitive he urged the Central Government to give a serious consideration for developing facilities in these areas.
Mr. Jain said that 65 per cent of the land in Uttarakhand was forest cover and owing to forest clearance the speed of development works hampered. He said that a scientific statistics had revealed that Uttarakhand had spent Rs. 40,000 crore in service of forest and its conservation and received nothing in return. He urged the Central Planning Commission to consider this fact in annual Planning. Mr. Jain stating that the floating population increased greatly during Char Dham Yatra season and the State Government had to provide basic facilities to them, urged to keep in mind this fact while preparing the Annual Plan. He also put forward demand of Non-plan Revenue Deficit Grant. Mr. Jain in the rap-up meeting, also put up issues pertaining to agriculture, Forestry, Power, Road, Education, Technical Education, Sports, Urban Development, Transport and Industry.

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