20 Aug 2012

Editorial Articles of a Newspaper can convert your Product's Image into a Unique Brand

According to a survey conducted by a NGO in various states of  India  is that,"The conversion rate of a product into a Brand is only 0.01%  in indian market"As per survey report,"A big  reason behind this Low Conversion is lack of  knowledge about the Editorial Articles of Newspapers." Further  report says that," Companies understanding this facts are getting more and more response then the other companies because Newspapers narrating the quality of a product gives good  impact to its readers."

         Market is full of products.Number of  Manufacturing companies are selling  various products, Manufactured or Prepared by them. There are millions and millions of  items  in Manufacturing field. But till the people do not no about the product's  nature and quality a manufacturer can't promote it. In same manner,  Professionals such as -- Doctors,Engineers, Advocates, Chartered Accountant,Teachers, Professors, scientists , Consultants, Singers, Writers, Film & TV Artists are selling their Skills,This is the Products owned and sold by them . But  people must know, what type of   best services are  rendered by that professional. To grab the clients  they have make, let the people know about them. Just think , Bollywood  Artist & film Star Amitabh Buchanan,Abishek Buchanan, Catrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra and many -many more even TV Artist  Rakhi Sawant,  How they all  became famous ? . Just because of publicity, and  Newspaper publicity played a main role in it. You can also try this tact .There are number of  famous and prestigious ' Daily Newspaper ' publications in various states of India. I stay in Uttaranchal / Uttarakhand, I think,  Here you can try it in  PAGE THREE  newspaper.I saw this type of image branding articles in it. It is a Daily morning newspaper published in Hindi.with five editions ( + Internet edition ) from Dehradun,Haridwar, Almora,Nanital and Pauri Garhwal covering all the seventy Assembly  Constituency of state. For more Info. you can visit their web site, http://www.page3news.in
There are some  helpful Tips to Promote something. with the help of  Newspaper Editorial Article.
Make a  neat  & clean  Introduction draft about your product or services
Narrate each and every thing about it.
Explain  about quality and speciality of  it.
Explain ,comparison of your items or  services with other similar  items or services. but do not  explain or write their names in it.
Do not forget to explain that, Why yours prices are higher then others. (if it is higher )
 Develop relations   with good journalist or Article writers, explain them about it. they can help you a lot.
Contact each and every Newspaper's Editor;ask him for help.
 Oblige him by giving some gift or pay some amount to him 

Article Source:articlesbase.com
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Author belongs to Print Media in India for last 20 years.
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