8 Aug 2012

Tribute to Freedom Fighters-August Kranti

Dehradun, 8 August, 2012:
Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna, on the occasion of August Kranti Diwas
paid tribute to Freedom Fighters who laid their lives in freedom
In his message, Mr. Bahuguna said that Quit India Movement has
historical significance as this movement had united the entire nation.
On the call of Mahatma Gandhi, people came out to struggle against the
repressive British rule. The freedom movement reached every single
village and door all over the country, he said.
Chief Minister Bahuguna said that people of Uttarakhand too had
participated in the freedom struggle. He said that Quit India Movement
proved last nail in the coffin of British regime. Mr. Bahuguna called
on the people to follow the principle of great leaders and freedom
fighters of independence movement and work for the prosperity of the

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