12 Dec 2013

Corruption in Waqf Boards

Shri Ninong Ering, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Minority Affairs
As per the Waqf Act, 1995, the Waqf Board in a State is established and administered by the respective State Government.

 In terms of Section 32 of the Act, the general superintendence of all the auqaf in a State vests in the Board established or the State and, therefore, the State Government/State Waqf Boards ensure that the auqaf under its superintendence are properly maintained, controlled. 

Administered and the income thereof is duly applied to the objects and for the purposes for which such auqaf were created and intended. 

Further, no such intimation regarding rampant corruption and misappropriation of funds in the Waqf Boards has come to the notice of the Central Government. 

To bring transparency in the working of the Waqf Boards, the Central Government is implementing a scheme for computerisaton of records of State/UT Waqf Boards. 

The Central Government has also amended the Wakf Act, 1995 for better administration and protection of the auqaf in the country. 

This was stated by Shri Ninong Ering, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Minority Affairs in response to a written question in Rajya Sabha today. 

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