3 Mar 2014

Task Force on Yoga and Naturopathy

Task Force on Yoga and Naturopathy
The Task Force on Naturopathy has submitted its report. The details of the report along with major recommendations are given below:

Task Force on Naturopathy
The Task Force on Naturopathy was constituted in August 2009.  The Task Force submitted its report in March, 2010.  The recommendations of the Task Force cover Propagation, Clinical Services, Education and Training, Administrative Frame-work at both Central and State levels, Measures for involving NGOs/Institutes/Agencies, Measures to strengthen research in Naturopathy and development of Regulation of Prevailing Human Resources.  

The Task Force has not identified category of major recommendations.  However, following may be treated as major recommendations of the task force:

(i)        Propagation initiatives in electronic media:
The following specific initiatives are recommended
·                     Adding Naturopathy and Yoga as a proven promotive, preventive and lifestyle intervention along with other AYUSH promotional advertisements currently aired in T.V. channels.
·                     Specific sponsored programs on topic of the National campaign-perfect health, specific health days, natural remedies, healthy lifestyle, natural foods and recipes etc.
·                     Specific advertisements and programs promoting professional education in Naturopathy and Yoga, as a successful career option.
·                     Featured programs on Naturopathy and yoga based school health and geriatric health.
(ii)       Naturopathy and Yoga based lifestyle medicine: Promotional schemes be evolved to promote, support and fund Yoga and Naturopathy based lifestyle medicine/intervention integrated with conventional medicine.
 (iii)    Establishing specialty clinics at teaching hospitals: A scheme to fund  establishment of  specialty clinics viz., cardiology; neurology; women’s health; psychiatry; endocrinology; urology; gastroenterology; rheumatology; geriatrics and oncology in deserving teaching hospitals be evolved on a priority basis.           
(iv)      Re-orientation Program [ROP] for Naturopathy and Yoga physicians: More number of ROPs be conducted jointly by NIN and deserving institutes/hospitals in all regions of the country.
 (v)      Specific workshops on ‘Research and grant proposals’ be conducted by NIN and CCRYN to train professionals and empower hospitals and institutes to avail Research grants.
The Task Force on Yoga has not submitted its formal report.  However, the Task Force on Yoga had held two meetings. The minutes of the meetings contain certain recommendations.  The details of the meetings along with recommendations are given below:

Task Force on YOGA

The Task Force on Yoga was constituted in March 2009, mainly with the objective to look into the various aspects of Promotion of Yoga and further expansion.  The committee met twice on 22.4.2009 and 13.8.2009. The Task Force did not submit formal report.  The minutes of the meetings contained some recommendations. The task force has not identified category of major recommendations.  However, following may be treated as major recommendations of the task force:
·                    Teacher Training programme with leading yoga institutions
·                    Yoga training for allopathic doctors
·                    Space in Hospitals, schools and public places to conduct yoga classes
·                    Information, Education and Communication
·                    Research programme in Yoga by Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy  and Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga in collaboration with allopathic Institution

Action taken on the recommendations of the Task Forces on Yoga and Naturopathy

·        The Department of AYUSH promotes and propagates Yoga and Naturopathy along with other systems of AYUSH under its Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) through print and electronic media and organization of AROGYA Melas/ Fairs and Exhibitions.   The Department also participates in Fairs/ Exhibitions organized by State Governments and other reputed organizations through its Research Councils/ National Institutes.
·        National Institute in Naturopathy (NIN) has organised health awareness programme on specific health days, viz. Heart day, World Aids day etc. and also conducts natural health food fairs, seminars, competitions, rallies etc. 
·        Programmes by NIN have been shown on electronic media.  Articles have been published in magazines by NIN.
·        Re-orientation programmes for practitioners of AYUSH including Yoga & Naturopathy are organized.
·        The department has established a research portal in which naturopathy and Yoga have been duly covered.
·        Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy (CCRYN) and NIN have conducted workshops on Research Methodology for Practitioners of Yoga & Naturopathy/ AYUSH/ Modern Medicine.
·        The Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY) has launched a programme-Introduction of Yoga in School Health.  Under this programme the Institute has trained 438 school teachers for a period of one month on the basis of one district one school, one teacher.  Further, a Teacher’s manual on Yoga has been published by the Institute.
·        A scheme namely Swami Vivekananda District Yoga Wellness Centre has been launched by MDNIY under PPP mode.  Under this scheme’ so far total 128 centres have been established one in each district.
·        The MDNIY had established 05 (five) Advanced Centre for Yoga Therapy and Research at premier medical Institutes of the country namely NIMHANS, Bangalore; JIPMER, Puducherry; DIPAS, Delhi; GAU, Jamnagar and Govt. Medical College, Jammu.
·        MDNIY has developed a capsule course “Foundation Course in Yoga Science for Medical graduates/ professionals”.
This was stated by Smt. Santosh Chowdhary, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare in a written reply to the Lok Sabha today.

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